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Ein neues Abenteuer!

Well, this is it typical. After several years of trying to get a job in Germany, two come along at once...

Not only did they land in my emails on almost exactly the same day but they did long after I needed to have handed my notice in at my previous employer to avoid excessive disruption. The dilemma of which option to choose was the only real decision I had to make as the option of staying was a long way in third at this point.

With big decisions like this, we often revert to making a Pros and Cons list or consulting with friends, both of which have merit. But I realised that, in this instance at least, it was more about what were the Levers.

  1. What is PUSHING you to go?

  2. What is PULLING you towards the new situation?

If there's nothing pushing you, the pull has to be huge - a great pay rise or a promotion, in a career sense; an emotional connection or a sexual attraction in a relationship sense. If there's no pull but a big push, perhaps it's time for change but not that specific change.

What was pulling me was the appeal of being closer to my wife, joining a school with amazing facilities, the opportunity to teach an international curriculum, a significant pay rise, the adventure (Abenteuer) of a new city, and the desire for a better work-life balance.

The push, without being too unfairly critical, comprised of some 'suboptimal' working conditions, some unprofessional staff members, the "Cost of Greed" crisis, Brexit Britain, disappointment at an apparent lack of career progression opportunities, and loneliness living (almost) home alone for 6 years.

As Isaac Newton once said "With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" (or something like that). So, there's a pull to stay - lots of great colleagues, fun kids, established good practices, existing projects, friends - and a push to not go - risk of failure, uncertainty over visa / accommodation, the eternal unknown.

I had to balance these four factors and see where the table tilted. It's been less than 48 hours; let's see whether I was right or not...


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