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This is my personal writing website and so I suppose writing things on here is technically writing... Rather than get lost down that particular rabbit hole, here are three things that I have ended up getting lost in thought with. They could end up being great stories or they could end up vanishing like steam in summer or dreams when you wake up.

  • The sinking of the Swedish galleon Vasa in 1628 (pictured above). How might Europe have changed if it had played a part in the wars with the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and Russia?

  • The Bonus Army of American war veterans who were, initially at least, denied the compensation they were owed for fighting in World War 1 before suffering through the Great Depression.

  • Dream Telepathy is the idea that people can communicate with each other whilst they are dreaming. The only thing that could be worse than someone looking at your browser history is knowing what you are dreaming!

As I said, some of these are ideas that are forming into story ideas and a couple are a little more advanced than that. My problem is that I could spend my whole life researching and world-building without actually writing so my pledge to you all is to write more stuff that is entertaining than just interesting.


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1 Comment

Jan 28, 2023

I hope that abulia does not overtake you when you are building the world of "Dream Telepathy", what an interesting subject! As I read it I thought of the future, of knowing how those moments will be lived? To see this story in the cinema.

May your desire to write about this subject be directly proportional to my desire to read your story.

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