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My sister and I are not twins - but it's her birthday today, so happy birthday Katy. This is a very old poem I wrote about twins. Obviously.

I look left and right then left

And cross the empty street.

My brother sits on the steps

Of the lolly shop. I wink.

I walk inside and turn it on

'Billy Stubbs took my sweeties, Mrs. Betts!'

'Here John, have some more of mine,'

She says and pats my carrot top.

'I'll have words with his father.'

I cry my way out of the door

Then turn, to John; he winks

From behind his black bob.

He's like no other boy I know.

John 'n Steven, 'The Bowen-Tyler Boys',

Born together, growing up together.

As far as I know, we're the only

Twins in the world. And I hope

It will be like that forever.


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